About SaaS Hits Funding

About Us

ZOOMMAAX Technology is established to create innovative products and services. Saas Hits is one of the flagship products of ZOOMMAAX. Our Vision is to create an Investment Bank in the USA then the rest of the World. In late 1700, the banks were created for the first time in this world and their daily operations evolved to a good extent now. Now this world can’t function without banks. Almost every citizen of the country has started using the bank in their daily life.

Similarly in human evaluation many talents are there with beautiful ideas to develop a business that will solve and simplify many problems. Many cases talents don’t have enough funds to implement their idea into a business. Most cases their innovations didn’t get life and almost all the great ideas are dying due to lack of funds. To Solve these issues, our vision is to create an Investment Bank in this world for the first time. Investment Banks will get revenue from the startup’s profit in the form of dividend. It is easily possible to multiply the startup’s profits by successfully. Early stages are the crucial period for the startups. If the startups get help from experts then they can easily come across the initial period. Apart from that, establishing an Investment Bank is a huge task. 

First we need to connect with trusted and potential investors. Hence we started working on this Saas Hits product. SaaS Hits will help the startups to raise money, as said, the first two years are the critical period for the startup and SaaS Hits team will do all possible help for the startup by monitoring and guiding their progress. In particular, our team will monitor their weekly expenses and development output. Even if they are progressing positively, somehow they burn out  their full investments in the mid-way. Our team will help the startups to raise a second round of seed investments. This will protect the startups from permanent failure. 

This way it is possible for us to make the startups grow successfully and maximise the returns for our investors. Our motive is to make our investors gain good profits at the same time ensure our startups are doing their business successfully.

Our Team

Our Core team consists of members with diverse backgrounds, skills, or perspectives, emphasising this as a strength. Diversity can bring fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and the ability to approach challenges from multiple angles. Illustrate how your team works together effectively and collaboratively.

Emphasise a culture of teamwork, communication, and synergy among team members. We have a regular culture to complement each other’s strengths and bring out the best in each other. This will maintain a good relationship between team members.

Founding Team

Thala, Thalapathi - Founder SaaS Hits
Jay, Jayavasanthan - Co-Founder SaaS Hits

CEO & CTO : Our CEO is Thala(Thalapathi) and our CTO is Jay (Jayavasanthan J) are the founders of this establishment. They are Chennai Guys who worked together in their previous company then later both of them created their own software ventures successfully. Later they met on an occasion and came up with this idea of their own perspectives then discussed a lot and then started deriving plans for SaaS Hits. Actually Jay technically has strong knowledge on software developments and solutions. While they discuss various software services and solutions, Thala has picked some key solutions and proposed a business idea to Jay and Jay further improved and added a business plan for the idea then it started getting good shape day by day. Thala used to share this with our team that without Jay’s input it is not possible for us to derive such phenomenal ideas for SaaS Hits.

Thala has 18+ Years of IT Experience, He was in various positions in his previous companies, Manager QA, Assistant Director ( Automation Team ), Assistant Director ( Product Management ), Director NOC. Then became COO & CEO ( MaaxMarket ).  During his work @vembu, he led the Key Teams of Vembu. Product Management Team, Automation & Quality Assurance team and Support team. @maaxmarket he served in Pre-Sales, Customer Acquisition & Marketing Team.

Jay has 23+ Years of experience in various technologies from Core Java/J2EE with Web 2.0 to writing highly reliable cross-platform C/C++/Java/PHP applications and with SQL (MySQL/Oracle) & NoSQL databases. He served as Project Leader @ZoHo, Key positions in Vembu. Product Manager, Director Of Technology, Vice President – Technology. Founder of JKL Technologies and CROI AI, CTO at E-Commerce Analytics Startup.